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About Us

BOSS Property Buyers, LLC is a company that was recently created as an option for homeowners who require professional home inspection services. Our company was founded by Kevin Bostick, who is a certified home inspector and member of ICA, InterNACHI, and the Heartland Regional Chapter.

We are a company that provides a thorough inspection and delivers a detailed report within 24 hours with photos and an explanation of every detail that needs to be repaired or replaced. We want you to have a complete understanding of your property. Contact us today and request your service. We are available every day and offer military discounts.

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Our Full Range of Services


It helps to identify details that need to be addressed to keep your property in perfect condition.

Home Maintenance Inspection

It is a complete evaluation of the property, but is focused on identifying details that impact homebuyer decisions.

Real Estate Home Inspection

Identifying problems that are not visible to the eyes. It is an effective way of finding hot and cold spots in the home.

Thermal Imaging

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